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- Homodocumentaries -

These are not regular documentaries - most of them are border edge on fornography, some are open to legit videos teaching you techniques for exercicing.

Art of Touch
Bad Boys Nude Audition 3
Better Gay Sex
Better Sex Through Yoga For Gay Men
Big Balls
Centerfoldmen: Volume 2
Dievx dv Stade 2004
Dievx dv Stade 2005
Erotic Centerfolds
Erotic Touch
The Games Men Play
Group Therapy
Guys Gone Wild - The Big Easy
Guys Gone Wild - Dude, Where's My Pants?
Guys Gone Wild - Spring Break
Hunk Boat 1 & 2
Men in Motion
Nude Partner Stretch
Primal Man
Ultimate Pleasures
The Wrestle Club

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